How to Prevent Pet Risks When Walking Your Dog

Celebrate Take a Walk in the Park Day with your four-legged friend on March 30, but don’t let hazards ruin a perfect day. Keep your eyes peeled for the following issues when walking your pet.


#1: Other pups

Running into another dog could be disastrous, especially if one or both dogs react angrily and manage to escape their leashes. Friendly, unrestrained dogs can also be dangerous since your pet might perceive them as a threat when they run up to say hello. Watch for other dogs, and watch your pet’s body language to ensure they stay calm and relaxed when confronted by another dog. To prevent a potential fight between a large pack of dogs, avoid parks during popular periods if possible.


#2: Traffic

Keep a close look out for oncoming traffic, whether it’s cars, bikes, or other pedestrians when you’re walking to a park. To avoid accidents, make sure your pet is always by your side. The leash may snap if your dog lunges at a squirrel. A pet on an unlocked retractable or long leash may rush into traffic, clothesline a bicyclist, or wrap around onlookers.


#3: Parasites

Because parks are home to a lot of potential victims, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and intestinal parasites prefer them as habitats. During the year, give your pet preventatives to ward off parasites on the inside and the outside, and make sure to examine them thoroughly from nose to tail for any bugs that may have snuck in.


#4: Wildlife

Your dog will probably find wildlife nests, burrows, and resting places as they follow their nose around the park. When people and pets approach, wild animals usually flee, although some may become hostile in order to defend their young, food supply, or home. Also, it is advisable to avoid disturbing wild animals because they are frequently transmitters for disease and parasites.


Make sure your pet is protected from infectious diseases and parasites with routine preventative treatment if you love spending time outdoors with them. To arrange for your pet’s health visit, give our staff a call.