Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning in Poway, CA

Humans are not the only ones who need to worry about their dental health. According to the American Veterinary Dental College, over half of all dogs and cats in the US begin showing signs of dental disease by age 3! For your pet this could mean pain, tooth loss, or even severe infections.

At Poway Animal Hospital, we offer a full range of dental services to keep your pet's mouth clean and disease-free. Call (858) 748-3326 to schedule a cat or dog teeth cleaning today!

Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning in Poway, CA: Kitten Brushing Her Teeth with Yellow Toothbrush

Our Services

Safety is a top priority when your pet is coming in for a cleaning. Therefore, we conduct pre-anesthetic blood work for all of our patients before any dental procedure. This ensures that they are healthy and not harboring any underlying problems. Once anesthesia has been administered, we can move forward with the cleaning.

Our Pet Dental Services Include:

  • Thorough cleanings and examinations: While your pet is under anesthesia, we will conduct a more thorough exam of their teeth and gums. Next, a technician will remove plaque and tartar from the teeth, and check for signs of infection and gum disease. Basic cleanings also include teeth polishing to prevent plaque buildup, fluoride treatment, and an application of OraVet Plaque Prevention gel.
  • Mouth x-rays: X-rays of the teeth are performed if recommended. For your convenience, we do not require them with all cleanings.
  • Bonded sealants: Sealants provide additional protection to prevent bacteria buildup and tooth decay.
  • Extractions: Involves the removal of decayed, loose or broken teeth.

At-Home Care

Since good dental hygiene is an ongoing process, we are dedicated to spreading dental health awareness. We think of our clients like family, so we do everything possible to make caring for your pet's teeth at home easier for you. Therefore, we have doctor-recommended toothbrushes and toothpastes for home brushings available for purchase in our office after your pets' appointment.

While daily tooth brushing is ideal, several brushings per week effectively combat the plaque and bacteria which cause bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease. Ask us about water additives and OraVet chews if your pet is uncooperative with regular brushing. Your veterinarian will gladly recommend products to keep your pet happy and their teeth healthy.

Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning in Poway, CA: Vet Brushes Dog's Teeth

Signs Your Pet Needs Dental Care

While periodic dental checkups and cleanings are recommended for all pets, there are warnings signs that your cat or dog could be in urgent need of a dental appointment. We recommended that in addition to brushing, pet owners should check their pet's teeth at least once a week. Call to set up an appointment if you notice any of these symptoms:

  • Red or inflamed gums
  • Brown or yellow buildup or discoloration of the teeth
  • Bleeding gums
  • Excessive drooling
  • Loose or broken teeth
  • Bad breath
  • Swelling of the face
  • Difficulty eating
  • Pawing at the face or mouth

Check your pet's teeth if they show signs of increased irritability, loss of interest in normal activities, or a sudden change in temperament. Call (858) 748-3326 if you notice these symptoms. These could be signs of oral discomfort.