Certified Cat Friendly Practice®

Does your cat get scared when it's time to go to the vet? It's not uncommon. Between a car ride, an unusual environment, and the presence of strange, stressed dogs, going to the veterinarian can be an overwhelming experience for your feline friend. At Poway Animal Hospital we understand coming to see us may not be your cat's favorite thing. We also know a stressed cat can mean a stressed owner, and that's the last thing you want to be. Skipping a veterinary check up is never a good idea. However, many owners choose to do this instead of dealing with an upset cat. That's why our team has taken efforts to make our practice as welcoming to cats as possible.  So you're not tempted to let your kitty's care slide, Poway Animal Hospital is certified as a Cat Friendly Practice®!

Cat Friendly Practice

What is a Cat Friendly Practice®?

We love cats. But being a certified Cat Friendly Practice® means more than that. Cat Friendly is a certification only awarded by the American Association of Feline Practitioners to practices which have met certain criteria. Being Cat Friendly means our staff is specially trained to handle the unique needs of cats and their owners and that our staff:

  • Creates a calming environment for cats
  • Understands felines specific behaviors
  • Implements Feline-friendly Handling Guidelines
  • Develops treatments customized for your cat and utilizing feline-friendly equipment
  • Is trained to know how to identify and address signs of feline fear and anxiety
  • Works in an environment designed to reduce stress for cats

Why Choose a Cat Friendly Practice®?

When you bring your cat to a certified Cat Friendly Practice® you can rest assured your feline friend is in good hands. Our staff will work to keep your cat calm and collected during their entire veterinary visit. Additionally, we will gladly answer any questions you may have about reducing your cat's stress or problem behaviors. For more information about our Cat Friendly practices or to schedule an appointment call us at (858) 748-3326. We look forward to meeting you and your cat!

Cat Friendly Practice

Poway Animal Hospital

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