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Grieve not. Nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me. As if I were beside you there. I loved you so...

'Twas Heaven Here With You!

– Isla Paschal Richardson


January 1, 2005 - March 3, 2018

Today I have to say my final goodbye to my best friend. Walter's little body is tired and needs to rest. I tried to talk him out of it when he told me it was time, but ultimately his job here is done and he needs to move on. Whether he was slamming the kitchen cabinets for treats, refusing to get out of the car after driving him to the beach, going on a hunger strike until he was taken to Rubio's, or staring my guests down at his bedtime so they would leave, he made me laugh every single day. Everyone at PAH was on Walter's Favorite People List -- which he revised at his own discretion and without warning. My little W is now free. Our 4,732 days together were far too short and more than I ever could have imagined. I had the strongest bond with this little guy. Thank you, W, from the bottom of my heart. XO


February 1999- March 2, 2018

Dr. Patrica Teague cared so well for our dog and cats for the 8 years we lived in San Diego and helpful advice after we moved away. Yesterday we said goodbye to Bean, our sweet black cat, at age 19. Thanks so much.

roxy G.


April 2007- February 2018 

Our beloved Roxy. Our first baby. Our daughter's best friend. Our son's best buddy. Gone but not forgotten. She loved to take care of us and rush to our side when we were sad or sick. We will never forget her sweet personality. Our house is so quiet without her snorting.

Smitty ChristensonSmitty

lily harneyLily

April 2006 - July 2017

We miss her over the top sweetness, her loving and giving attitude, her going 'on point'. We will miss her howling. The effort she made to be a hound dog, even if for a very brief moment. The list goes on and on. We are all thankful we had her in our lives. Such a gift for all of us.




Adopted June 28, 2008 - October 17, 2014

In June 2008, my husband and I drove to a Rescue in San Juan Capistrano to meet Violet. Even though there were many San Diego cats needing homes, when I saw her photo I was immediately drawn to her.

She was a little shy at first but soon responded to our love and blossomed. We bonded very, very closely and she gave us so much love and joy. She was a constant companion, liking to be in the same room and snuggling up on our bed at night. She was a loving friend, a great comfort in difficult times and a wonderful physical therapy assistant helping me with my home exercises!

Sadly, she succumed to heart disease after being with us a little more than 6 years. It was a devastating loss and we miss her so much. Our home was unbearably still and empty without her so we have now adopted another cat.

Violet lives on in our hearts and the many warm, fond memories we have of her.



June 2002 - August 2014

T. J., our beloved hospital cat for 12 years, passed away on August 29th, 2014. T.J., like all kitties, certainly had his own way of doing things. He loved attention, frequent brushing, and Temptations. He relished the spoiling our wonderful staff lavished upon him the last six months following his lung cancer diagnosis. T.J., or Tracy Junior for short, told us when he was ready to leave us. T.J. will be greatly missed and memories of him will remain warmly in our hearts.


Bosco "The Boz"

1999 - July 18th, 2014

Yesterday, Bosco spoke loudly to us that he had no more strength or fight left in his sweet little body ... he had been declining for a while but then would bounce back like the fighter he certainly was ... but this time he let us know that he was done. It was an amazing progression and after lots of prayers for guidance we realized that it was time to take him to his wonderful, compassionate vet who confirmed our fears.

So we said goodbye to our special pal and thanked him for giving us 17 years of pure joy ... well, almost pure!

Lots of tears, for sure, and we will miss his companionship and snuggling for a long, long time. Our laps will be cool for now but our hearts will be warmed by his memory.




March 17, 1999 - June 14, 2014

Sally was, as all dogs are, one of a kind. She was tough, opinionated, and somewhat unforgiving. If you passed her test, you were forever blessed with her kisses, her attention and her respect. She was a marvelous problem solver and she somehow always understood the home situation. "Visitors? Cool!" "Going out? Can I go? Yes, excited. No, you get my back." She was not a lap dog, but a world class snuggler in bed. It was all about her, that's what made it so special when she bestowed her love on you.
She had a good, long life. With the attention of our friends at Poway Animal Hospital, she enjoyed 15 good years in very good health, and when it was time for her to cross the bridge, they were the perfect conductors, and her crossing was perfect.

If you want to learn a bit more about Sally, or Westies in general, we'd love for you to visit her web page at:



July 28, 2000 - May 17, 2014

I wanna live
With my Cinnamon girl
I could be happy the rest of my life,
With my Cinnamon girl.

A dreamer of pictures
I run in the night
You see us together
Chasing the moonlight

My Cinnamon girl.



June 2, 2001- January 29, 2014

Goblin, Gobby, Goober, Gobbler, almost as many names as he had beds. Loving, sweet, shy, friend, companion, athlete, big clown… Gobby was a rescue ex-racer who didn't know what it meant to be treated as a “pet” and not as a “money making machine”, Goblin had a tough time his first few years. After coming to live with us and his feline buddies (Goblin was more cat than dog in many ways) he settled in and the real Goblin emerged. In public, Gooby (another name) remained guarded of strangers but the moment he had your confidence that was it, you could count on an 85 pound clinger looking for ear rubs. Well Gobby, although you’re not here with us physically any longer, we’ll always cherish hiking and exploring the canyons, you and Cindy performing evening duets, your circle dancing… everything. Each day was a true gift.

Thank you Goblin for all you gave to us.


Jenzer Scotties

Once upon a time there were three little Scotties who went on a great adventure, traveling with their mom all the way from Virginia to their new home in San Diego. Luckily for them, they quickly found a Guardian Angel named Patty Teague who cared for them, talked sweetly too them, and gave them treats. Even when the evil demon known as Cancer came into their lives, Patty and her team of angels at Poway Animal Hospital battled the evil demon to give the Scotties as many days of health and happiness as was possible. So today these little Scotties—Mac, Andrew, and Rocky—are together in heaven, but every time they look down through the clouds they wag their tails in thanks for all the love and biscuits that they received from their friends at Poway Animal Hospital.




Summer was our sweet, gentle little girl. She loved to have her tummy rubbed and would run to her special place and wait for us to follow and pet her. She also loved being combed with the Furminator and every day after her dinner she would jump up on the ottoman and wait for me. Summer was a loyal and constant companion and there is a big empty spot in our home without her loving presence.




Axel was a truly good dog. It was his wonderfully expressive face that won ours hearts at the San Diego dog pound 12 years ago. Dr. Smith once said he could never play poker with a face like that. He loved to bring the newspaper in from the driveway every morning and to stand in the water at OB Dog Beach and bark his happiness. He liked to see his friends in Old Poway Park every morning on his walk with Bob. He also loved his grandchildren, Liana, Richie, Cassidy and Cameron.

Rest in peace big boy, we miss you so much.

Please hug your pet in Axel's memory




To my beloved precious Maxwell, "Deep Peace of the gentle night to you, moon and stars pour their healing light on you" Deep Peace to you, my sweet soulmate and guardian angel. You were the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you more than life. Your spirit is always in my heart. I am holding dear to me that you and I will be united again....this time for all eternity, when we cross Rainbow Bridge into heaven together.




Gentle loving friend for 17 1/2 years. You are missed.

In adolescence Rusty loved to play, especially at Christmas time when he would bat tree ornaments, climb inside boxes and sleep under the tree.

In adulthood, he became even more gentle and loving and developed many habits that became very much a part of our lives. When we would sit on the couch after dinner to watch some TV, Rusty would jump to cuddle beside Viv. In the morning when Steve got up early, Rusty would greet him and follow him into the kitchen to get his face (eyes) washed , get fresh food and water and then when Steve sat down to read the morning paper, Rusty would jump up onto the table and sit on the paper to get more attention.

It is hard to imagine a better pet. Our lives are richer for having him be part of our family for 17+ years. Thank you, Rusty. You are so loved.




We loved you and miss you a lot.



To my dog Caesar... God gave you to me in my most difficult times. You were my best friend and at times my only friend. You made me laugh when I wanted to cry. You gave me love when I needed it. I will miss your 250 kisses. I will miss how you just wanted to love people unconditionally. I want to carry your spirit in me to love just like you. You were playful and fun. Warm and compassionate. Everyone who met you.. Adored you. You enjoyed chasing the ducks and your last breath was with them.. When I look at them I see you.. Your spirit is running free. Thank you for your life that you shared with me. You are deeply missed by everyone. Run free Caesar. Run free!!


Frances Katherine


While the loss of Frances Katherine is hard, it was not unexpected. Of course no matter how hard you prepare you are never ready.

I never dreamt the day I fostered the 5 week old abused and orphaned, “special needs” puppy, that I would embark on a journey quite like the one Frances and I went on. When she could no longer run free she took on her new job, on a leash, of feeding the horses with me, standing patiently and content. As long as she could see me, that Shepard thing-the loyalty and those protective instincts were ever present.


Sasha Anne


Rest in peace our beloved Sasha Anne. You were as big in heart as you were in stature. We will always remember your soulful eyes and silky soft ears. You gave great hugs. Sasha, you will truly be missed by your little girls and family. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of us.




This picture is in memorial to our beloved hospital cat for 11 years. He was 20 years old when he passed away peacefully in his sleep. His life ambition was to beg for treats from many clients and be held. He lived a long and happy life and will be missed.

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